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Study, Train and Work in Germany

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We are mediators, bridges, springboards and facilitators in many ways, firstly for your procedure, then for your journey and finally for your integration into German society and culture.

Finding an attractive and affordable apartment in Germany's popular cities is difficult due to significantly higher demand than supply. Choosing the right apartment search platform can be crucial for success in your apartment hunt. Fortunately, we are here for you! No matter where exactly you want to live in Germany, you will find the right apartment with us. Whether you are a student, apprentice, or worker, various options are available to you.

  • Student Dormitory

    This is the popular form of accommodation among students since they initially live among like-minded peers. Additionally, the costs for the commonly used spaces are shared by the residents, fostering opportunities to meet new people.

  • Single Room

    The single room describes a hotel room with space and sleeping arrangements for one person. For example, if you are traveling in a larger group, single rooms are suitable. You could retreat to your room if desired and relax a bit.

  • Double Room

    This is a room with sleeping arrangements for two people in a double bed.

  • Family House or Single-Family House

    If you want to move to Germany with your family, then this form of accommodation is right for you. A family house is a building that serves as a residential house for a family and contains one housing unit.

  • Multi-Family House (MFH)

    You are considering settling in Germany with your family but don't have as much money for a family house, then you have the option of a multi-family house, designed for multiple families or users. It offers advantages such as a low cost of living, shared responsibility for repairs, etc.

  • Shared Accommodation (WG)

    Is your study or training in Germany starting soon? Or are you coming here to work and still need accommodation? Maybe it doesn't have to be your own apartment. Then a shared flat is the best alternative for you. Here you share your home with other people.