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Study, Train and Work in Germany

SAAD Travel Consulting helps you fulfill your dream

We are mediators, bridges, springboards and facilitators in many ways, firstly for your procedure, then for your journey and finally for your integration into German society and culture.

Why Choose SAAD Travel Consulting?

SAAD Travel Consulting prides itself on a rich history of assisting clients in their global exploration endeavors. With a dedicated team proficient in languages such as English, German, and French, we've successfully facilitated cross-cultural communication and learning.

Our agency operates with a dynamic and adaptable approach, committed to delivering exceptional service by attentively listening to our clients' needs. With a proven track record of successful projects and a history of enhancing global experiences, we strive for excellence in the field of international education and language services. Our satisfied clientele stands as a testament to our dedication to providing quality, tailored solutions that meet our clients' diverse requirements.

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Our Specializations

  • Translation and Interpretation

    Our translation and interpretation services encompass document submission for translation, interpreter requests, job opportunities for translators, Computer-Assisted Translation (TAO), and automated translation editing. We also offer proofreading for various documents such as internship reports, dissertations, theses, cover letters, CVs, and more.

  • Study, Training, and Employment in Germany

    Our services facilitate studying in Germany, including pre-registration and language course reservations. We assist in finding accommodations, employment contracts, training opportunities, obtaining pre-approvals, and preparing for interviews or appointments at the German Embassy.

  • Sending and Receiving Packages to Germany

    We facilitate secure document delivery between Germany and Cameroon, offering logistic services for document shipments in both directions. Additionally, we provide notifications regarding available shipping weight capacity.

Our Features

  • Pre-Enrollment

    Assistance in finding and completing pre-enrollment in the institution of your choice.

  • Language Course Reservation

    Help in reserving a spot for language courses tailored to your needs and level.

  • Housing Assistance

    Finding suitable accommodation according to your criteria and budget.

  • German Course Registration

    Assistance in registering and enrolling in German language courses.

  • Apply as a Teacher

    Guidance and support for applying as a teacher in relevant positions.

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